Without going into all the details and contributing to the mass of shit that has surrounded the under pressurized balls used by the World Champion New England Patriots, I am going to throw my two cents in there.

Now full disclosure.  The Pats are my team.  I have watched TB (Tom Brady) win championships from the time he took over for a hurt Drew Bledsoe and never looked back.

Four championships later and TB is still questioned as to the validity of his championships.

So lets compare this with some well known “adjustments” in other sports.


In hockey, we have a ton of rule breakers.  Goalies who size their pads up more than they should.  We can’t even count the amount of forwards who used illegal curves on their sticks.  Curves that allowed players to do things with the puck that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Baseball players that have corked the bat.  Used pine tar when they pitch.  Even an emery board that allows a pitcher to scuff the ball so they get a different grip.

Indy drivers that lightened their cars below legal limits.

Do we even want to start on the list of PED users who have fake penises filled with someone else’s urine.

Bounty Gate where there was payments being made to players who hurt other players on purpose.

Did Tom Brady know that the the balls were deflated?  Of course he did.  This was something he is intimate with as the main tool of his trade.  I don’t like that he lied about it, and think he should be punished, but 4 games, draft picks, and a million dollars?

Because the balls were a little soft?  As a percentage, and this isn’t even taking into account that there was a scientifically explainable reason for the lower numbers due to weather, we are talking about less than a pound of pressure.

If this game was 14-13, or 29-23, anything but the blowout it was at 45-7.

Slap on the wrist…..sure.  Just like when Marty McSorley got caught with too much curve on his stick that caused a penalty and ultimately a goal for the other team.

Anyone though thinking that a light football helped makes Tom Brady’s career and taints his achievements is an idiot who has never played the game.

Just because the Patriots are the most successful team in professional sports doesn’t mean that they did it by deflating balls.

Lets give a little credit where it is due, and look to the fact that they have the best coach, the best QB, and the smartest owner in the NFL and leave it at that.

That is why they win championships.



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Without going into all the details and contributing to the mass of shit that has surrounded the under pressurized balls used by the World...

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